Khartoum, Feb 22(Darfur24) On Monday, the Sudanese authorities began releasing 36 detainees from Soba prison, south of Khartoum, in conjunction with the start of the meetings of the United Nations human rights rapporteur with government officials. 


Today, the UN Human Rights Rapporteur began his meetings with government officials, starting his meetings with the Minister of Justice, Mohamed Saeed Al-Hilu, to verify allegations of human rights violations. He also held a meeting with representatives of Sudanese civil society organizations in Khartoum

The lawyers explained that those who were released were a very small part of the detainees, who numbered more than 200 detainees, saying that the move was merely a camouflage to obscure the facts and mislead the visiting UN Human Rights Envoy.

In a statement, the human rights body confirmed the release of Iman Mirghani and Amna Awad, after they were held for about a month in the women’s prison in Omdurman. 

The released are political activists and leaders of the Sudanese resistance committees that lead the street movement against the military component of the authority, and they have been detained successively since January 17, according to Sudanese lawyers.


The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, in November 2021, appointed Adama Deng, a United Nations expert on human rights in Sudan, in accordance with a United Nations Human Rights Council resolution, to monitor the human rights situation in Sudan after the military coup on 25 October.