Nyala,  May 6 (Darfur24) Two people were killed and three others were injured when a car carrying passengers from the city of Nyala, capital of South Darfur, to the locality of Tulus, 80 km south of Nyala, came under fire by unidentified gunmen.

The incident took place yesterday evening, Thursday evening, in the Umm Battikha area between the cities of Ad Al-Fursan and Katila west of the city of Nyala, where the gunmen fired a hail of bullets that led to the death of Omar Malik Omar Adam, a football referee in the city of Nyala, and the musician Mahjoub Issa Omar Others were wounded, and the gunmen managed to take the driver and his car to an unknown location after disembarking the passengers.


A high-ranking security source told Darfur 24, who spoke on condition of anonymity, that the road linking the cities of Nyala and Talis continued to witness frequent armed looting, especially in the Umm Batekha area of Katila locality.

He stated that in the last incident, a car coming from Nyala came under fire, wounding 3 people, and the driver managed to bypass the armed ambush, confirming that another accident occurred in the middle of Ramadan after an armed gang stopped a car on the same road, the passengers were taken off and the car was taken, and after efforts were found. in East Darfur State.