West Darfur: 201 people killed and hundreds injured in Krinik locality following an intercommunal conflict

(9 May 2022) The African Centre for Justice and Peace Studies (ACJPS) calls on the international
community to urgently conduct an independent and impartial investigation into the killing 201
people and injuring of 140 others that occurred on 22 and 24 April 2022 in Krinik locality in West
Darfur. Several houses were also burned down and at least 12,500 people have been displaced.
This investigation should be carried out with the aim of ensuring accountability. ACJPS further
calls on the international community to prioritize the protection of civilians and security situation
in Darfur and deploy resources to ensure the protection of civilians in the region.
ACJPS also reiterate its calls to Sudanese authorities to:
 Officially and publicly condemn arbitrary attacks, unlawful killings and injury and make it clear
that these acts are absolutely prohibited, and perpetrators will be held to account.
 Launch an independent and impartial investigation into the circumstances surrounding the
attacks in Darfur and guarantee that their findings are published promptly and within a clear
timeframe. This investigation should also address conflict-related gender-based violence.
 To immediately prioritize the protection of civilians in Darfur region. Put in place tightened
restrictions on the use and supply of arms and ammunitions, and a concerted effort to control
arms and ammunition in the region should be launched, as well as controls over the use of
ammunition and the presence of militias and weapons in public places.
 Ensure that police and law enforcement officers are deployed in the area to ensure security.
Intercommunal conflict in Krinik locality
On 22 April 2022, at around 07:00am, five men from the Arab Rezigate tribe came to Krinik town
located 80 kilometers West of Elgenina, the capital of West Darfur State. The delegation included
three people from Maharia tribe including; Mr. Ibrahim Gaood; Mr. Mohamed Gabsha; Mr. Yosef
Karfo who is a Rapid Support Forces (RSF) officer and Mr. Hassan Bakai, also an RSF officer.
They were joined by Mr. Mohamed Ashiger, a member of Awalad Jenoob tribe. The group met
with Mr. Nassir Alzain, the Executive Director of Krinik locality with allegations of the killing of
two Arab men belonging to Maharia tribe and the looting of their property at around 01:00am on
the same day in Beirdabook village located approximately 6 kilometers West of Krinik. The group
claimed that they followed footprints of the alleged perpetrators that led them to Krinik town. They
demanded that the property that was looted be returned to them within two hours. Mr. Alzain
requested the group to extend the time to enable him communicate their demands to members of
Krinik security committee. The five men then moved towards the Western side of krinik town
where they had left the rest of their group of more than 150 armed Arab men, majority of who
were members of Maharia clan of the Rezigate tribe. They were waiting for feedback from the
At around 09:30am, the armed Arabs who were waiting started firing live bullets at civilians in
Krinik. This prompted armed civilians in Krinik to respond back with gunshots. This gun battle
lasted for approximately two and a half hours and ended at around 12:00pm. However, this break
was short lived as the armed Arab group resumed the attack at 1:00pm with a bigger number of
approximately 1000 men. The self-defense group retaliated. Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) and
Police officers on duty later joined the self-defense group. The gun battle ended at around 02:00pm
after the armed Arabs withdrew their troops. As a result, at least 8 civilians were killed and 12
others injured. On the side of the Arabs, 7 were killed and 7 others injured including three RSF
officers. The injured were transferred to Elgenina hospital for medical treatment.
On 23 April 2022, the Arabs suspended another attack because of the presence of SAF officers
who flew over Krinik and the neighboring areas in a military helicopter. SAF also reached out to
the self-defense group who were ready to retaliate any attack and requested them to withdraw.
Joint forces from SAF, Police and central reserves police also came to reinforce security in Krinik.
They came in a total of 19 military cars from different areas; 9 from Azirin area and 10 from
Elgenina to make joint forces in Krinik. However, the local people of Krinik rejected RSF officers
who can to reinforce security in Krinik. The RSF officers heeded to the demands of the local people
and moved out of Krinik town. They had come in 3 vehicles.
On 23 April 2022, because of the presence SAF officers reinforced by other forces in Krinik, the
self-defence group and the local people felt protected, and therefore started to return to their homes.
On 24 April 2022, at around 06:30am, Armed Arabs troops were seen heading from three different
directions of Krinik; West, East and North. The troops consisted of approximately 3000 armed
men using about 150 land cruisers and Hilux Toyota vehicles, some attached with Dushka tanks.
A reliable source informed ACJPS that approximately 63 of the land cruiser vehicles had RSF
number plates. Each vehicle carried between 12-15 persons. Others were seen riding on tens of
motorcycles carrying at least two people. They were dressed in plain clothes and others in RSF
Before the Arabs started the attack, the Joint forces who were deployed in Northern Krinik
withdrew. Those deployed in Western and Eastern Krinik moved to SAF base in Southern Krinik
leaving an open access for the attackers to enter and take control of Krinik town. This attack
resulted to the killing of approximately 201 people and injuring of at least 140 others including 2
humanitarians working with RSF. The Arabs also burnt the local market, Police Station and City
Council building, and also looted property. The survivors of the attack moved to SAF base. SAF
recorded a total of 12, 500 displaced persons in one day. At least 10 men who sustained serious
injuries were evacuated by SAF to Elgenina and then later to Khartoum through Sebera airport.
On 26 April 2022, Mr. Khamis Abakar, the Governor of West Darfur made a public statement that
he had communicated (through telephone) with the representative of the Arabs named, Mr. Abdo
Isa and he confirmed that there would be no further attacks by the Arabs. Despite this confirmation,
there has a been tribal mobilization by Arabs covering three Darfur states of Central, North and
South with an exception of West Darfur, specifically Elgenina, Unduien, Trashna and other areas
South of Elgenina.
In a separate incident, on 24 April 2022, five teachers were killed in a guest house in Krinik. Their
names are:
1. Elteyeb Mohamed Ishaq
2. Isahq Hashim
3. Ismail hashim
4. Ahmed Garad
5. Abdul Kareem Jenda
In another incident in Krinik, on 5 May 2022, four children were injured after a bomb exploded
while they were playing. They have been rescued to Krinik rural hospital for medical care. A
reliable source informed ACJPS that the bomb was probably planted during the attack on Krinik
on 14 April 2022. The names of the children are:
1. Majdi Hassan Ibrahim (m) 9.
2. Um Al-Naas Abakar Yahiya (f)11.
3. Farida Mohamed Abakar (f)13.
4. Kothar Ibrahim Ahmed (f) 14.
Deteriorating security in Elgenina
On 24 April 2022, at around 07:30pm, four people were killed in a conflict between Sudanese
Alliance Movement and RSF in Elgenina hospital. Among those killed were 3 members of
Sudanese Alliance Movement including General Elyass Mustafa and a RSF officer. The conflict
reportedly started on the main road near Alshati neighboring in Elgenina when Mr. Mustafa and
his three guards came to Elgenina hospital claiming to visit relatives who were admitted in the
hospital. They were followed by RSF officers who later called for backup and opened fire in the
hospital. Following this incident, doctors of Elgenina hospital and other private clinics within the
town briefly suspended their work. They resumed work on 1 May 2022.
On the same day, at 7:00pm, five SAF officers were shot dead by RSF officers in a vehicle on the
main street in front of National Security building in Elgenina. A Reliable source informed ACJPS
that the incident happened because of mistaken identity. The RSF officers thought the SAF officers
were members of the Sudanese Alliance Movement.
In another Incident, two other SAF officers sustained injuries from gunshots by RSF officers who
shot at the last car on the convoy of SAF who had arrived in Elgenina as substance forces from
Zalingi city in central Darfur.
On 24 April 2022, the Executive Director of Elgenina locality, Mr. Hamid Khalid Degersho issued
an emergency decree that directed the closure of Elgenina market and other markets within the
area from 06:00am to 06:00pm until further notice.

On April 25 2022, during the burial of General Elyass Mustafa in Elgenina, some members of
Sudanese Alliance Movement tried to stop two RSF vehicles that were crossing nearby. One
vehicle was burned as result of the gun fire while the second vehicle fled. No deaths or injuries
were reported.
On 25 April 2022, RSF and Sudanese Alliance were involved in a gun battle in Elgenina town and
the neighboring towns of Aljabal Aljamarik and parts of esquires. This resulted to the killing of
five civilians, four in krinding camp and one in old center. At least two others were injured.
Names of the people killed in Krinik on 24 April 2022
1. Abakar Adam Taj Elide (m) 60
2. Abakar Ishaq Mohamed (m) 55
3. Abdul Aziz Mohamed Musa (m) 53
4. Abdul Hammed Abdullah Hamad (m) 30
5. Abdul Majeed Abdul Rahman Mohamed (m) 28
6. Abdul Majeed Arabab Ali (m) 54
7. Abdul Raziq Hassan Mohamed (m)
8. Abdul Wahid Hussein Abdullah (m) 11
9. Abdul Wahid Hussein Abdullah (m)17
10. Abdulla Azai Mohamed matter (m) 30
11. Abdullah Abdul Aziz Kabbalah (m) 8
12. Abdullah Adam Abdul Rahman (m) 34
13. Abdullah Ahmed Musa (m) 40
14. Abdullah Zackary Ishaq (m) 45
15. Adam Abakar (m) 45
16. Adam Abdullah Omer(m) 35
17. Adam Ahmed Fadul (m) 45
18. Adam Iris Mustafa (m) 60
19. Adam Yagoup Ishaq (m) 40
20. Ahmed Abdul Kareem Sharaf Elide (m) 35
21. Ahmed Abdul Rasuol (m) 17
22. Ahmed Mohamed Ibrahim (m) 33
23. Aisha Abakar Ishaq (f) 25
24. Aziz Eldlien Ibrahim Mohamed (m) 20
25. Ali Ahmed Bakhit (m) 60
26. Ali Ahmed Mahmoud (m) 40
27. Alsyed Mohamed Adam (m) 53
28. Bahar Hoob Elide Yagoup (m) 4
29. Dafallah Hiaasen Abdul Kareem (m) 80
30. Elteyeb Mohamed Ishaq (m) 32
31. Fatima Abdullah Ismail (f) 60
32. Fatima Mohamed Heron (f) 30
33. Fatima Musa Daldoom (f) 70
34. Fatoma Saeed (f) 60
35. Gamar Abdullah Adam (m) 75
36. Hanan Adam Yahiya Hamad (f) 16
37. Hassan Khater Adam (m) 53
38. Hawa Mohamed Abdullah (f) 70
39. Ibrahim Abdullah Adam (m) 42
40. Ibrahim Abdullah Ali (m) 60
41. Ibrahim Daffalah Yahiya (m) 15
42. Ibrahim Mohamed Mahmoud (m) 50
43. Idris Ibrahim Abdul Rahman (m) 50
44. Idris Ishaq Abakar (m) 50
45. Isa Younes (m) 43
46. Ishaq Ali Yahiya (m) 45
47. Ishaq Mohamed Ibrahim (m) 40
48. Ismail Mohamed Adam (m) 60
49. Jafar Abakar Haroon (m) 40
50. Jamal Abdullah Adam (m) 20
51. Jamal Hoob Elide Yagoup (m) 8
52. Jumaa Abdul Rahman Maki (m) 70
53. Jumaa Ibrahim Marje(m) 18
54. Khadija Isa Saied (f) 65
55. Khalid Hoob Elide Yagoup (m) 8
56. Khamis Hassan Khamis (m) 55
57. Khamisa Mohamed Ismail (f) 8
58. Khatir Abdullah Osman (m) 60
59. Leila Abdul Rahman Mohamed (f) 40
60. Mohamed Abakar Mohamed (m) 50
61. Mohamed Adam Ahmed Khaiter (m)
62. Mohamed Ahmed Zakaria (m) 54
63. Mohamed bad Allah Salah (m)
64. Mohamed dama Ahmed (m) 35
65. Mohamed Hoob Elide Yagoup (m) 15
66. Mohamed Hussein Abdul Kareem (m) 53
67. Mohamed Ibrahim Younes (m) 56
68. Mohamed Ishaq Adam (m) 60
69. Mohamed Khamis Abdurrahman (m) 30
70. Mohamed Osman Al doom (m) 40
71. Mohamed Yagoup AL doom(m)80
72. Mujtaba Ibrahim Abdullah (m) 11
73. Mustafa Abdullah Ahmed Musa(m)30
74. Mutasim Mohamed Ismail (m),12
75. Muzdlefa Adam Baker (f) 5
76. Nada Daffalah Abdullah (f) 16
77. Noor Alshaam Musa Aldood Bakhit (f) 50
78. Noor Elide Mohamed Omer Mustafa (m) 12
79. Nora Maroon Abdurrahman (f) 27
80. Osman Ishaq Youssef (m) 45
81. Radwan Adam Musa(m) 32
82. Sabari Mohamed Arabab (m) 28
83. Salem Adam Mohamed (m) 17
84. Sharaf Elide Ibrahim Yagoup (m) 30
85. Suhina Mohamed Khamis (f) 8
86. Taj Elide Daffah Seim (m) 4
87. Thuria Mohamed Mahoued (f) 20
88. Tijani Ali Ibrahim (m) 38
89. Tijani Ali Ibrahim (m) 38
90. Um Al-Fograa Abdullah Adam(f) 30
91. Yahiya Salah Elide (m) 30
92. Yasmine Youssef Suleiman (f) 16
93. Youssef Arabab Ibrahim (m) 85
94. Youssef Haroon Ismail (m) 50
95. Youssef Ibrahim Ismail (m) 50
96. Youssef Mohamed Abdullah (m) 27
97. Youssef Mohamed Azrq (m) 16
98. Yusera Adam Hassan (f) 3
99. Jaffar Mohamed Adam (m) 40
100. Mohamed Omer Mustafa (m) 30
101. Hamid Ismail Hamaad (m) 60
102. Mohamed Ahmed Adam Mohamed (m) 50
103. Abdul Hammed Alnoor Osman (m) 20
104. Sidiq Abakar Ahmed (m) 45
105. Sharif Abdul Rahman Youssef (m) 30
106. Adam Ismail Adam (m) 45
107. Abdul Rahman AL haj Ibrahim Idris (m) 60
108. Abdu Aizah Arbab (m) 40
109. Mohamed Abdullah Abdul Rasool (m) 60
110. Suleiman Adam Hamid (m) 60
111. Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed (m) 50
112. Ibrahim Abdullah Rahman (m) 25
113. Ali Ahmed Mahmoud (m) 54
114. Adris Abu Baker Zakayah (m) 54
115. Abdullah Abakar Mohamed Sidiq (m) 70
116. Jumaa Yagoup Abdullah (m) 45
117. Khamis Abdullah Idris (m) 42
118. Rabab Ishaq Aldoom (m) 55
119. Abakar Hamad Adam (m) 65
120. Ishaq Abdul Rahman (m) 60
121. Juma Abdul Rahman Yahiya (m) 35
122. Hussein Musa Abakar (m) 50
123. Abdul Rahman Musa Abakar (m) 70
124. Abu Bakar Mohamed Ahmed (m) 54
125. Mahmoud Abdullah Ibrahim (m) 25
126. Khamis Fadul Khamis (m) 20
127. Abdul Rahman Adam (m) 35
128. Ibrahim Zachariah Adam(m) 60
129. Abode Abdullah Adam (m) 50
130. Mohamed Youssef Hamad (m) 40
131. Mohamed Mahmoud Mohamed (m) 30
132. Jumaa Haroon Ibrahim (m) 60
133. Abdullah Yahiya Ahmed Youssef (m) 60
134. Ahmed Abdullah Dagdig (m) 70
135. Bakhit Adam Mohamed Bashir (m) 24
136. Nassir Mohamed Yahiya Ishaq (m) 35
137. Mohamed Baraka Mohamed Ishaq (m) 68
138. Mawia Yagoup Ishaq (m) 24
139. Abdul Ahman Zachariah (m) 50
140. Al-Zaki Abdullah Abdul Rahman Ibrahim (m) 29
141. Mohamed Isa Mohamed (m) his dead body found in Eastern part approximately 3
Kilometers way from Krinik
Names of people killed in Krinik on 22 April 2022
1 Gamar Adam Musa (m) 60
2 IsaYounies (m) 50
3 Mohamed Ahmed Zkarya (m) 55
4 Abakar Ishaq Mohamed (m) 4
5 Ibrahim Ishaq Zackary (m) 48
6 Fawzia Adam Hassan (f) 20
7 Jamal Abdullah Adam (m) 20
8 Jaffar Abakar Haroun (m) 45
Names of some of the Civilians killed in Elgenina between 25 and 29 April 2022
1 Abdullah Mohamed Isa (m)
2 Hamza Mohamed Isa (m)
3 Jedo Mohamed Isa (m)
4 Ashraf Khamis (m)
Names of Arabs killed in Krinik including RSF officers on 22 April, 2022
1 Musa Jado (m)
2 Ahmed Alsallil Hamid (m)
3 Saied Abu Baker (m)
4 Hassan Bakai (m), RSF officer
5 Dris Hajaaz (m)
6 Jumaa Yagoup (m)
7 Suliman Abdul Aziz (m)
Names of People injured in Krinik on 22 April, 2022
1 Musa Abdul Rahman Abdullah (m) 23.
2 Adam Abdul Rahman Abdullah (m) 40
3 Hamza Yahiya AL doom (m) 28
4 El-Noor Yagoup Omer (m) 40
5 Adam Isa Yagoup (m) 25
6 Juma Gamar Abdullah (m) 2
7 Maryam Hamid Omer (f) 60
8 Radwan Khatier Abdullah (m) 22
9 Abdul Aziz Abdullah (m) 60
10 Ismail Osman Mohamed Ishaq (m) 23
11 Khamis Bahar Ishaq (m)
12 Musab Adam Youssef (m) 12
Names people Injured on 24 April 2022 in Krinik including women and children
1. Abdul Jalil Adam Abdullah(m) 13
2. Alnoor Yagoup Omer (m) 4
3. AmirJuma Abdullah (f) 55
4. Azza Adam Ushar (f) 44
5. Balgies Idris Abdullah (f) 23.
6. Balgies Idris Abdullah (m) 23
7. Dar Elnaeem Ahmed Musa (f) 34
8. Elham Abdu Abakar Khamis (f) 53
9. Elham Ando Abakar Khamis (m) 35.
10. Faiza Eltahir Mohamed (f) 23
11. Fathia Adam Bakhit (f) 75.
12. Fatima Abkar Mohamed (f)
13. Fatima Ismail Yagoup (f) 33
14. Fatima Zakria Mohamed (f) 78
15. Habiba Yagoup Mohamed (f) 66
16. Halima Abdullah Adam (f) 80
17. Halima Abdullah Suleiman (m) 56
18. Halima Zachariah Younies (f) 44.
19. Halma Abdullah Suleiman (f) 56.
20. Hamima Zachariah Younies (m) 44.
21. Kaltoom Ahmed Ali (f) 44
22. Kaltoom Mohamed Juma (f) 30
23. Khadija Ibrahim Shogaar (f) 80
24. Latifa Ahmed Mohamed (f) 27
25. Maryam Hamid Omer (f) 60
26. Mason Hassan Aldoom (f) 24
27. Mazahir Gamar Hassan Abdul Kareem (f) 23
28. Muadah Mustafa Mohamed Matter (f) 22.
29. Muda Mustafa Mohamed Matter (m) 22.
30. Musab Adam Youssef (m) 12
31. Safia Osman Aldoom (f) 22
32. Samira Adam Haroon (f) 53
33. Zahara Difaa Adam (f) 40
34. Zahara Salim Abdullah (f) 19.
35. Zahara Salim Abdullah (m) 19.
36. Zinab Ibrahi Abdullah (f) 60
37. Ibrahim Abooh Idris (m) 37
38. Abdul-Aziz Adam Abakar (m) 42
39. Abdu Ahmed Mohamed (m) 42
40. Yahiya Abdulzain Adam (m) 50
41. Ahmed Mohamed Musa (m) 32
42. Hassan Eldooma Adam (m) 36
43. Abdul Kareem Mohamed Adam (m) 60
44. Walid Ahmed Arabab (m)
45. Ali Suleiman Ibrahim (m)
46. Ismael Adam Yahiya (m)
47. Ibrahim Mohamed Adam (m)
48. Adam Ishaq Adam (m)
49. Tijani Adam Nasereldin (m)
50. Omer Yahiya Ibrahim (m)
51. Sidiq Mohamed Osman
52. Hamza Yahiya Eldoom (m)
53. Abdu Yahiya Hammed (m)
54. Ezz Eldlien Ali Ishaq (m)
55. Yagoup Guma Mohamed Haron (m)
56. Mohamed Matter Adam (m)
57. Najeeb Mohamed Adam (m)
58. Mohamed Abdul Kareem Adam (m)
59. Arabab Guma Khater (m)
60. Ahmed Guma Seiam (m)
61. Mohamed Ishaq Abakar (m)
62. Mudather Ali Yahiya (m)
63. Mohamed Ibrahim Ahmed (m)
64. Hassan Adam Ibrahim (m)
65. Mohamed Idris Mustafa (m)
66. Hassan Yahiya Khater (m)
67. Ismael Adam Idriss (m)
68. Abdullah Suleiman Abdullah (m)
69. Matter Hassan Adam Ismael (m)
70. Hassan Abdullah Abakar (m)
71. El Sadig Abdul Rahman (m)
72. Maher Hamza Arabab (m)
73. Elnour Ali Ibrahim (m)
74. Abdul Aziz Eisa Abakar (m)
75. Ali Abdullah Abdullah (m)
76. Nasser Mohamed Arabab (m)
77. Adam Eisa Yagoup (m)
78. Mohamed Ali Haroun (m)
79. Abdul Majeed Hassan Khater (m)
80. Adam Abdul Kareem Aburisha(m)
81. Hassan Mohamed Yahiya (m)
82. Mustafa Mohamed Adam (m)
83. Abdullah Yahiya Mohamed (m)
84. Omer Khamis Ibrahim (m)
85. Adam Abdul Rahman (m)
86. Musab Elnour Ahmed (m)
Nature of injuries sustained by victims
No Nature of injury Number
1 Injuries in the head 95
2 Injuries in the chest 51
3 Injuries in the stomach 19
4 Injuries in the back 4
5 Injuries in the pelvis 4
6 Injuries in the neck 2
7 Injuries in the hand and feet 5
8 Stabbing by knife or sharp objects 1
9 Burns 5
There have been several intercommunal attacks in Krinik locality and other areas in Darfur
following the exit of United Nations-African Union hybrid peacekeeping mission (UNAMID) that
ceased operation on 31 December 2020. On 4 December 2021, ACJPS documented the killing of
51 People and injuring of 11 others during an armed clash between the Masalit tribe and the Arab
nomads in Kirinik locality. In another incident, around 28 members of Sudanese Alliance
Movements were killed in an ambush by armed Arabs on their way from Elgenina to Krinik. In
February 2022, ACJPS documented several attacks by armed Arabs against civilians in Krinik.
On 24 January 2022, members of Sudanese Alliance Movement banned Arabs from entering
Krinik town.
What is happening in Krinik is a result of failure by Sudanese authorities to protect the citizens.
The Krinik incidents have similarities with the attack on peaceful protesters in Khartoum on 3 June
2019. In both incidents, civilians were killed while in their homes, the number of the attackers
were almost similar (3000 armed men), and forces in both attacks were putting on unknown
uniforms and others in plain clothes. Further, both incidences took place after withdrawal of
government forces shortly before the attacks.
Historically, Krinik locality is one of oldest towns in West Darfur. It is occupied by the Maslaite,
Arab, Bargo and Tama tribes. The common language is Masalite language and it is under the
jurisdiction of Masalite Kingdom.

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