El-Fashir, April 25(Darfur24) Shala prison authorities in Al -Fasher City, North Darfur, launched a number of prisoners today, Tuesday, after massive protests on the deterioration of the situation inside the prison.


Last week, the city of El Fasher witnessed violent confrontations between the army and rapid support, which killed dozens and wounded hundreds, and caused complete paralysis of life in the city


After the explosion of the situation between the army and the rapid support, a number of prison inmates were released in the capital, Khartoum, West Darfur, most notably the prisons of the capital, “Cooper, Al -Huda and Soba”


Police source in Al -Fasher told Darfur 24 that hundreds of prisoners demonstrated this morning in the prison, demanding their release in light of the deteriorating living conditions of hundreds of prisoners in the jail.

He added that the prison authorities contacted the state’s judicial apparatus, before they released the convicts in the public right while keeping the sentences of death and those waiting