Nyala, August 15( Darfur 24)Mediation by local tribal leaders to bridge the gap between the warring Salamat and Ban Halba tribes have ended in failure.

Sources from the two tribes said the mediation committee held many sessions separately with representatives of the tribes, but it couldn’t convince them until Monday evening to reach understanding that would put an end to the Armed confrontations between the two tribes , the sources expected that clashes would resume in an event that government and local community leaders didn’t intervene.

The sources stated that a number of families from salamat Tribe had been relocated from the town of Markundi North of Kabum town to the town of Um-Dukhun, on the Sudanese-Chadian border, following collapse of the medicated peace talks.

Armed clashes between the two tribes erupted at the beginning of last in Kubum locality whereby scores from the two warring tribes were killed and injured.

Fighters from both tribes used heavy machine guns and four wheel drive vehicles in the war, Darfur 24 has learned that RSF fighters from Salmat and Bani Halba ethnic groups who were fighting alongside RSF in Khartoum against the Sudanese army have returned to Darfur to support their respective tribes.

Darfur Bar Association quoted eyewitnesses as saying that most of the weapons and vehicles used in the fighting between the two tribes are owned by the RSF.