Nyala, September 9 (Darfur 24) Death toll from armed clashes between the Beni Halba and Salamat tribes rose to more than 30 people as fighters from the Salamat tribe launched an attack , Thursday on the Markondi area, 130 kilometers west of the city of Nyala, the capital of South Darfur, which is inhabited by the Beni Halba tribe.



According to Darfur 24’s communications with local residents, they indicated that the “sheikh” of a Quranic school, Yaqoub Saleh and his two sons, were killed while they were in the mosque, in addition to Abdul Aziz Al-Sayer, Grandfather Adam Othman, Abdul Rahman Bagadi, his son, and others.




The attack by Salamat militants on the town of Markundi came after an agreement to stop hostilities between the two parties was signed in the Mukjar region of Central Darfur state, through negotiations led by the leaders of a number of tribes in South Darfur, which were able to seat the two parties and take an oath to stop the attacks.




Battles have been taking place between the Beni Halba and Salamat tribes for weeks, leaving dozens dead and wounded on both sides.

Darfur 24 Monitored reports that fighters from the two tribes in the ranks of the Rapid Support forces have returned in recent days to support their respective tribes in battles in which heavy weapons were used while fighting the Sudanese army in Khartoum.