Al Jazeera ,Feb 16( Darfur 24)

Local residents said that the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) attacked on a large scale the villages of Al-Farijab (36 km) west of Al-Hasahisa in Al-Jazeera State, last Saturday and Sunday, leaving deaths and an unprecedented wave of displacement.

Three eyewitnesses told “Darfur 24” that elements of the Rapid Support attacked their villages on Saturday for the purpose of looting and clashed with some young men who were protecting the seven villages.

The Rapid Support Forces resumed the attack on Sunday with a force of 7 combat vehicles and 45 motorcycles, and clashed with a group of young men. The bloody events left 4 dead and 9 wounded among Al-Farijab residents.

Eyewitnesses reported that the Rapid Support Forces forced residents to evacuate the villages on Thursday after looting cars, gold, and money.

According to one of the residents, the residents of the village of “Al-Farijab Al-Khawalida” were forced to evacuate completely.

Human rights organizations and resistance committees speak of the Rapid Support Forces committing terrible violations against the residents of the villages and cities of Al-Jazeera State, which they controlled in the conclusions of the previous year, after the army and security forces suddenly withdrew from them.