Khartoum, March 12 (Darfur 24) The Sudanese army announced today, Tuesday, the destruction of a force from the Rapid Support Forces RSF that attempted to escape the siege imposed on it in the Radio area in Omdurman.

The official spokesman for the army said in a statement, “With the glad tidings of the first day of the holy month, the armed forces in the Omdurman region, in the early hours of this morning, thwarted a desperate attempt by the Rapid Support Forces to escape the cordon imposed on them around the lieutenants and radio area.”

The statement confirmed, “Most of the fleeing force was eliminated, as it was destroyed, and the army received most of its equipment and vehicles while the enemy’s losses are being counted,” pointing to the destruction of another group that attempted to support the fleeing force from the direction of the west.

The statement stated that “small groups of Rapid Support Forces are currently being dealt with trying to escape through the alleys of Omdurman.”

He added, “Your armed forces affirm their determination to relentlessly destroy the brutal enemy anywhere, with God’s help and grace. We also give good news to our people soon, God willing.”

In recent weeks, the city of Omdurman Hilal witnessed the retreat of the Rapid Support Forces from their positions of control in the neighborhoods of “Aburov, Bayt al-Mal, and Wadnobawi” in the face of the advance of the Sudanese army, which extended its control over these areas.

Sources told “Darfur 24” earlier that the army had penetrated into locations close to the “Radio and Television” headquarters, where the Rapid Support Forces had been stationed since the beginning of the war on April 15 last year.