Port Sudan , April 3 (Darfur 24)
Al-Arabiya and Al-Arabiya Al-Hadath channels bureau chief in Sudan, Lina Yaqoub, said that the argument on which the authorities based the decision to stop the channels work in Sudan is incorrect.

On Tuesday, the Sudanese Ministry of Culture and Information suspended the work of Al Arabiya, Al Hadath and Sky News Arabia channels in Sudan, under the pretext of their failure to adhere to the required transparency and professionalism and not renewing licenses to practice media work.

Lina Yaqoub said in a statement to Darfur 24 on Wednesday that the channel renewed its annual license in March 2023, after which the war broke out and there were no longer offices for foreign media.

She stressed that this situation applies to all foreign media offices.

Lina rejected the authorities’ accusations contained in the suspension letter that the channel was not committed to professionalism.

The authorities suspended the work of the UAE channel “Sky News Arabia” against the backdrop of a news report that shed light on the activity of the Islamic State “ISIS” in the Sudan war, and “Darfur 24” indicating that the “Sky News Arabia” channel does not currently have an office in Sudan.

The Sudanese Journalists Syndicate considered the authorities’ decision to shutdown offices of Al Arabiya, Al Hadath, and Sky News Arabia channels, a violation of freedom of expression and the press. She also stressed that restricting those working in the profession would silence the voice of the professional media, and would also open the door to the spread of rumors and hate speech.

The relationship between Sudan and the UAE, from which the closed channels broadcast, became tense, against the backdrop of Abu Dhabi’s accusations of supporting the Rapid Support Forces RSF and supplying them with weapons and equipment.