Rapists pursue women in Sudanese  refugee camps in eastern Chad


March 23, 2020 (Eastern Chad) Mrs. F was not an exemption  from  rape, when the sound of rifles echoed the war in the Darfur region in 2004, as many women were raped during the war in the region that has been in crisis for more than 16 years.

However, Mrs. F was driven by the first wave of asylum from Darfur to eastern Chad in search of safety there, and she  was one of the 150,000 refugees that  scattered in 13 dispersed camps along the eastern strip of the semi-desert country of Chad.

After years spent in Milli refugee  camp   , she was able to forget what had happened to her , but the shadows of the war she lived with others in the camp insisted on repeated bitterness.

16 years later , her 17-year-old daughter was exposed to the same incident, but a different country.

The little girl, “N”, could hardly tell what had happened to her on that day when she  and other women  were coming  from  firewood collection trip, that some young men chased them, but the slim and skinny  “N” could not escape her perpetrators  and fell prey to rapists.

During firewood collection, Sudanese girls and women,  in refugee camps in eastern Chad,  have been subjected to rape incidents for  more than 10 months, after the humanitarian organizations stopped   providing them relief aid.

However,  this phenomenon  of sexual assualt is  the most worrying issue for the camp women ,who had fled  their country to escape rape, but unfortuanetly  rapist are   chasing them even in a place they considered  safe .

Women in the  refugee camps , in eastern Chad   have resorted to firewood collection , as a source of income  and  low-profit businesses for camp women, since humanitarian agencies  stopped giving them food ration.

Faiza, who is women activist, says that rape during  firewood collection has become   a daily occurrence and  she calls on everyone to pay attention to women and girls. Over the years of the war in Darfur, women have attained the greatest share of violations and war crimes, and rape has been used as a weapon against women in the region.

Residents of refugee  camps in  eastern Chad are closely and carefully monitoring  the ongoing peace negotiations in the capital of South Sudan, Juba after the fall of former President Omar al-Bashir’s regime.

In 2009 the International Criminal Court  ICC issued an arrest warrant for Bashir, on charges relating to war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in Darfur.



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