Central Darfur: a silent crisis and an imminent explosion

Zalengui- Jan 19 (Darfur24) Central Darfur is experiencing a raging, muffled crisis after the army commander took power on the twenty-fifth of October last year. As a result of this crisis, Central Darfur experienced a state of security chaos under the media blackout and the iron fist of the city’s intelligence service.

The General Coordination of Displaced Persons and Refugees in Darfur described the security situation in Central Darfur – after the Burhan coup as worse than it was at the beginning of the war.

The warehouses of the organizations are subject to invasion, and men warned against the intention of some groups that want to attack the warehouses of the World Food Program in Zalingei and Nyala.

Some of the community leaders of the Goz Hamid camp, 7 km southwest of Zalingei city, warned against attacking the warehouses of the World Food Organization in the state if the displaced people  were not given their rations of food.

In Central Darfur there are 36 camps for the displaced who have abandoned their villages due to the war since 2003.

At a time when the leaders of a number of displacement camps in Central Darfur issued a distress call through Darfur 24 to push for more security reinforcements to protect the warehouses of the World Food Program in the state so that the scenario of looting the warehouses of the World Food Program in the capital of North Darfur, El Fasher, and the headquarters of the UNAMID mission would not be repeated.

The displaced person, Mr. Ishaq, demanded the need to protect the camps for the displaced in the Wilayat of Wasat from armed militia attacks, and said that the exit of the peacekeeping mission in Darfur “UNAMID” created a great difference that the local authorities were unable to fill. He added: We want neutral forces that have nothing to do with the social components of the state.

ghost of war

In the context, local leaders who spoke to Darfur warned 24 of the settlement campaign carried out by some parties, and said that there are parties that brought what they called displaced people from outside the state to settle them in Central Darfur, with the aim of changing the population map and working to impose a fait accompli, and to win electoral votes, in the event of any organization Upcoming elections.

Well-informed sources revealed to Darfur 24 that there is an unknown party trying to create displacement camps for some population groups in the “Quoz al-Humaid” area, southwest of Zalingei city. For the displaced, the “source” described the phenomenon as a type of fraud through which this party obtained large sums of money without fulfilling its obligation towards the displaced.

The source said that the phenomenon of displacement south of the city is a strange phenomenon in that there is no war, no tribal problems, and no fighting that produces cases of displacement now south of the capital of Central Darfur state.

car hijacking

Last December, gangs specialized in looting and kidnapping cars were active in the city of Zalingei, where they hijacked “6” cars from inside the city, including “4” government cars, including a car belonging to the governor’s office, another belonging to the police forces, a vehicle for the Humanitarian Aid Commission, and a ministry vehicle. Livestock, in addition to two vehicles for citizens in the city of Zalingei, and Darfur24 learned that these cars were not tracked by the security services.

The citizen, Abkoura Ahmed, said that “3” armed masked men stormed his house in Zalingei at night and looted his car, a “passenger bus chip” at gunpoint and fled. Sudanese kidnappers as ransom, confirmed that the city of Zalingei witness similar incidents frequently.

Mining Violations

The men of the Central Darfur government headed by the designated governor, Saad Adam Babiker, warned against the robbery of citizens’ lands and their distribution to mining companies related to rapid support. Journalists and jurists to expose these methods and pressure them to stop this absurdity.

The designated Wali of Central Darfur granted a number of mining companies the right to prospect for gold in the “Al-Malamat” area, 85 kilometers east of the city of Zalingei, in the lands of the displaced, which is one of the areas that were abandoned by its residents due to the war. The problems of the “Kolgi and Jebel Moon” areas are the problems of forced displacement in order to control land and wealth after the displacement of its residents to displacement and refugee camps.

In a statement seen by Darfur 24, the coordination condemned what is happening in the Al-Malamatarea and held the designated governor, Saad Adam Babiker, responsible for neglecting and complicity in the rights of the people of the state, by granting companies the right to explore in the area in a way that violates the laws and norms that regulate mining operations.

The statement explained that the owners of the companies took 80% and the guards 10%, while the owners of the land from the citizens gave only 10% of the gold revenues.

Investigation required

Lawyer and human rights activist Haitham Matar warned of the danger of the bad exploitation of resources by other groups in light of the presence of the residents of the areas in IDPs and refugee camps.

He said that the governor in charge of granting mining concessions in the Al-Malamat area to three companies without revealing the identities of those companies sows doubts about these companies that are excavating in lands whose residents are still in displacement camps. The authority followed it in this file, and warned against its repetition, and said it could turn into a pattern in all parts of Sudan, not just Darfur.

Distribution of agricultural land

In another file related to lands, Darfur24 obtained documented information that the appointed guardian, Saad Adam Babiker, granted agricultural lands in the Zallo Agricultural project, located in the “Wadi Saleh” locality, to an unknown company, which caused resentment within the city of Zalingei.

Media blackout and intimidation of activists

Informed sources revealed to Darfur 24 that the General Intelligence Service of the armed forces in the city adopted a method of intimidation, subjected a number of activists to investigations and forced them to write pledges not to publish any information about the situation in the city. Of the manifold issues experienced by the state.

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