Sudan records Over 35 coronavirus deaths in North Darfur

May 26, 2020 (Elfashir) Sudan’s federal ministry of health recorded 35 coronavirus fatalities in Elfashir, North Darfur in 24 hours, raising fears among residents of the city.
Recently, COVID-19-related  deaths in North Darfur  have dramatically increased in a way that worried public opinion.
Medical sources,  have revealed an increase in the number of fatalities in El Fasher, reaching an average of about 15 deaths per day.

Meanwhile, member of  coordination of medical and health personnel, Dr. Mohamed Mustafa told Darfur 24 that the Ministry of Health had failed to integrate isolation and quarantine centers, amatter that
contributed in the increase of infection.

Mustafa,  revealed 8 deaths in  Zamzam displaced camp isolation center, due to negligence,  complaining of lack of necessary medical equipment, gags, and protective clothing for the medical staff.

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