Astonishing facts on the spread of Coronavirus pandemic in North Darfur

Recently Coronavirus death toll  in North Darfur have increased dramatically , in a way that worried public opinion, while  medical sources have revealed an increase in the number of deaths in El Fasher, reaching an average of about 15 fatalities per day.

The Technical Committee to confronting  the Coronavirus pandemic in Al-Fasher locality, expressed its regret for the health conditions that have resulted from the horrific societal spread of the Corona
\virus, which led to dozens of deaths.

Dr. Mohamed Abdallah Mustafa, member of the Coordination of Medical and Health Cadres, held the state police responsible for the outbreak of the pandemic because it did not secure the state’s entrances and
gates in an optimal way, which helped vehicles coming from Khartoum to enter the state without being checked.

Mohamed Abdallah added that vehicles’ coming   from neighboring countries with high infections rate of COVID-19 were also allowed to enter the state of North.

Mustafa made clear that there were 54 people who had been quarantined in “Dar Al-Arqam” centetr in downtown Fasher, fled the quarantine center  despite presence military force and mixed with the community.

For his part, sterilization technician, Abdel Razek Zakaria attributed  spread of the Coronavirus pandemic in North Darfur  state to the reception of the city of El-Fasher to huge number of buses
coming from Khartoum, up to about 22 buses per day.

“There are those who arrived via smuggling , while  others  walked 167 kilometers from Umm Kadada to El Fasher, in addition to vehicles coming from Khartoum that changed their destination in order to enter
the city through other gates” Abdel Razek Zakaria  added.

member of the coordination of medical and health personnel, Dr. Mohammad Mustafa told Darfur 24 that the Ministry of Health had failed to merge isolation and quarantine sites into one place, which
contributed to increase  of infections.

“Quarantine and isolation of confirmed and suspected cases   should be classified according to the status of the patient” Added Dr. Mustafa.

Mustafa revealed 8 deaths in the Zamzam camp isolation center due to negligence, adding that lack of necessary medical equipment, gags, and protective clothing for the medical staff is complicating work of
health cadres  at  quarantine center.

Mustafa said  that there are no work contracts with the Ministry of Health during this stage, as there is no insurance on the lives of workers, a matter that prompted some technicians to stop work, so as
preserve their lives.

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