UN: 10,000 new displaced people in Darfur as violence escalates

ضحايا مستري

The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) has
revealed that about 10,000 people have been displaced by armed
violence in Mestri, West Darfur state.

OCHA said in its weekly bulletin, that about 10 thousand people were
affected by the armed attack on the village of Mestri at the beginning
of this week, 40 kilometers south of Al-Geneina, the capital of West
Darfur State.

According to UN OCHA ,  that the Masteri incident caused displacement
not only in the city, but also in the surrounding areas where people
leave their homes in fear of violence.

Meanwhile, the  Humanitarian Aid Commission (HAC),  said around 2,000
families (10,000) people were affected by the attack on Master Town on
July 25. Many of them need humanitarian aid, especially 1,500 families
who were displaced after their homes were burned during the incident.

In South Darfur, at least 19 villagers were killed and 21 wounded, and
their food and agriculture were looted, during an attack on Abdo
village on July 23, according to unconfirmed  report from local
partners in the field.

Humanitarian workers in the area have reported that about 4,000
internally displaced people have recently returned to Abdo from the
town of Gereida, 10 km from the village, for seasonal cultivation.

However, the situation in the area is reported to be tense, with more
than 1,000 families from the total of 1,235 families have returned to
Gereida camps for the displaced, according to community leaders. in
There were also reports of violence against the families who returned,
as they were forced to flee to different directions, such as the city
of Nyala, the villages of Jogana and Tweal.

Attacks and clashes also affected central Darfur in mid-June,
including clashes and subsequent displacement from 14  villages in
Jebel Marra locality. In North Darfur in mid-July, there was attack on
the Fata Burno camp for the displaced

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