PM Hamdouk to  address the nation on Friday

حمدوك يخاطب النازحين في شمال دارفور 4 نوفمبر 2019
Prime Minister Dr. Abdullah Hamdok, will address, Friday, the Sudanese
people on radio, and he will deliver an important speech dealing with
the various issues of the arena, according to the newspaper “Al-Sisi”
published in Khartoum on Thursday.

During his radio address to the nation, the transitional Prime
Minister, Hamdouk  will touch upon the recent incidents in front of
the Council of Ministers, which caused a state of popular anger due to
the excessive use of force, against the peaceful demonstrators in the
procession  that was called for by the resistance committees.

However, the use of excessive force that led to the  dispersal of
demonstrators in front of the Council of Minister,s prompted an
escalation on the part of the Resistance Committees, where   they
closed many vital roads in the districts of Khartoum State, most
notably Berri, Al-Daim, Al-Kalakla, Jabra and Arquette

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