El Fasher , April 22(Darfur 24)

Two people were in an attack carried out by gunmen on three commercial cars coming from the Tawila area to the city of El Fasher, the capital of North Darfur.

Ahmed Ismail, one of the passengers who survived the attack, said in a statement to “Darfur 24” that gunmen on motorcycles attacked them near the Majdoub area, which is about 45 kilometers west of El Fasher, while they were coming from Tawila.

He reported that the attack that occurred on Saturday caused the death of a citizen named Yahya Daqoush, and that all passengers were robbed at gunpoint before the perpetrators fled.

Ismail revealed that a force from the Sudan Liberation Movement led by Abdel Wahid Nour later arrived at the site of the event, to transport the body of the murdered person, evacuate the passengers to Tawila, and secure the road to El Fasher to the Shaqra area.

The civil leader in Tawila locality, Al-Tom Suleiman Taher, called on the armed struggle forces to secure the road linking Tawila and El-Fasher against the backdrop of the attack launched on the villages of El-Fasher, which caused the burning of a number of villages and the displacement of hundreds of families.

In a separate incident, a woman was killed on Sunday in an armed robbery incident that targeted an “Astarex” travel vehicle that was on its way to the city of El Fasher in North Darfur state.

Muhammad Yen Abdullah, from the Shangil Tobay area, told “Darfur 24” that the car “was driving on the road between Shangil Tobay and the Goz Abu Zriga area when it was hit by a barrage of bullets from an armed group, but the driver of the vehicle refused to stop.”

He pointed out that the attack resulted in the wounding of a woman, who was sitting in the back seats, with bullets that led to her immediate death.

He added: “The dead woman’s body was transported to Shangil Tobay Hospital, and she is the mother of an infant.”

Muhammadin stated that the region witnesses similar incidents on an almost weekly basis, revealing that a local raft has been formed from the people of the region to protect vehicles traveling between Shangil Tobay and El Fasher.

Armed looting has increased in some parts of Darfur, in light of the security unrest resulting from the conflict taking place in the region between the Rapid Support Forces and the army, in whose favor some movements are fighting.