N’Djamena denies participation of Chadian militants in Darfur fighting



The Chadian government has denounced the statements of the governor of West Darfur, Mohamed Abdullah Al-Duma, in which he accused Chadian militants of participating in the fighting that took place in the city of El Geneina, the state capital, on Saturday and Sunday, which left more than 130 dead and 198 wounded.

Meanwhile, Chadian Information Ministry said in a statement, seen by Darfur 24, that the Sudanese official’s allegations were groundless.

The statement mentioned that as soon as the Sudanese official made statements, the Sudanese-Chadian joint forces were mobilized along the borders, and those forces did not notice any crossing of the border into Sudan by armed individuals or groups from the Chadian side.

However, the statement revealed at the same time that eight Sudanese police officers resorted with their weapons to Chad to shelter from the violence on the Sudan side.

The statement confirmed Chad’s readiness to participate in a joint committee to shed light on this accusation.

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