The Supreme Committee for Collecting Unregistered  Weapons and Vehicles, in its meeting at the Republican Palace held Sunday, decided to confiscate all smuggled and unregulated vehicles known as  (Boko Haram)  as of March 21.

The meeting which lasted for several hours was  headed by  First Vice President of the Transitional Sovereign Council, Lieutenant General Muhammad Hamdan Dagalo

Dr. Abdul Hadi Abdullah Othman Khaled, the rapporteur and the technical coordinator of the committee, explained that the meeting decided, to prevent any smuggled vehicles from entering the country, starting from Sunday March 21,  adding that any company or person brings a smuggled vehicle into the country will subject to  legal accountability.

He pointed out that the committee decided to sell the smuggled vehicles that were confiscated to the Giad Company for smelting and use them as scrap iron, and recommended the intensification of forces at the crossings and borders to prevent the entry of weapons and unregulated vehicles into the country.

He said that the committee approved the formation of joint forces that include all security services in all states of Sudan to confiscate hidden weapons, unregulated vehicles, and smuggled and unregulated vehicles for the benefit of the state.

Lieutenant-General Dr. Abdel-Hadi explained that work will intensify to collect weapons in all states of the country during the year 2021, starting today, and granting the forces that confiscate smuggled vehicles and motor vehicles 25% of the value of the seizures.

It is noteworthy that the periodic meeting was attended by a number of state governors, ministers, the Attorney General and leaders of the security services