Darfur 24-Nyala

The Sudanese Public Prosecution announced Saturday ,that the autopsy report of the girl Samah Al-Hadi confirmed that the causes of her death were multiple gunshots, and that the piercing of the chest, ruptured the left lung and led to hemorrhagic bleeding.

In a statement seen by Darfur 24, the prosecutor said that on March 19 it received a report stating that the deceased child Samah al-Hadi was tampering with a firearm belonging to her father, and then she injured herself with it, which led to her death, and the body was buried without an autopsy.

The statement mentioned that the Public Prosecutor then directed an autopsy to file the forensic report, and to determine the course of the investigations accordingly.

On Saturday 27 March, the body of the child Samah was exhumed and autopsied by a committee consisting of 3 forensic consultants headed by Professor Aqil Swar Al-Dhahab, under the order of the competent prosecutor, indicating that the autopsy report came confirming that the causes of death are multiple bullets, and that The gunshot, which penetrated the chest, damaged the left lung, and led to severe haemorrhage.