Darfur 24-Nyala

A complete blackout hit Nyala, capital of South Darfur, five days  ago. Power has not yet been restored, because of overdue payments to the company that provides the electricity.

The power cuts in the city led to a stop of  water points , which caused a severe crisis in the city’s residents’ access to drinking water.

However, the price of water jerry cans reached 35 pounds, at 500 pounds per barrel in the northern neighborhoods of the city.

Doctors reported that emergency and intensive care departments, laboratories, blood banks and pharmacies have been closed in the Nyala Teaching Hospital and the Nyala Specialized Hospital.

The Director General of the State Drinking Water Authority, Bashir Mukhtar, told Darfur 24 that the power failure in the city of Nyala caused a complete paralysis of the water supply, and that the northern neighborhoods of the city were completely out of service.

The Socialist Doctors Association in South Darfur said in a statement on Sunday that the power outages put the lives of patients at risk since all the generators were broken. The medics hold the federal and state governments responsible for the lives and health of their patients.