El-Geneina, August 31(Darfur24) The Secretary of the National Umma Party in West Darfur, Abdel Rasoul Abdel Wahed, survived  an assassination attempt after a hail of bullets was fired at his home on Tuesday evening.

 A statement by the General Secretariat of the National Umma Party revealed that the party’s secretary in West Darfur had been subjected to an assassination attempt by unknown parties who were watching and stalking his home in El Geneina.

According to the statement which was seen by  Darfur24 indicated that the incident is closely related to the opposition of the National Umma Party to the systematic corruption practiced by  affiliates of the state government.

The Umma Party had previously issued a statement warning against the corruption that is practiced in the land sector, and the attempt to re-plan the lands in the city of El Geneina in order to collect more financial levies.

The strong worded statement held the state government fully responsible for the safety of the leader, Abdul Rasoul Abdul Wahed, and all Umma Party employees in the state, and demanded an immediate investigation into this incident and the detection of the perpetrators behind it.