Khartoum, November 28(Darfur24) Khartoum State Police  on  Monday issued a press statement about the circumstances of the Burri incident, which led to the death of three people from one family.


The statement said that police received a report from a regular person stating that while he was in front of his house, he heard screaming   from his neighbor, Hatem Abbas Fahr, calling for help, then he  and  a group of the neighborhood went to the  house  any they found the aforementioned inside his apartment in front of the bodies of his wife (L P), his son (p h) and his daughter .


The police said, upon receiving the report, the Khartoum State Police Command moved to the crime site, and the technical arrangements related to the scene were made, and a high -level team was formed to conduct the investigation and research in this incident.


He pointed out that the medical report proved that their deaths came as a result of a gunshot wound to the head, and continued, “Through the initial investigations and the available physical evidence and the results of the criminal examination, it was found that the weapon used in the crime is a personal weapon for the head of the family, there is no break, theft or looting of the property of the house.”


 The police confirmed that the investigations will continue to uncover the motives and identify the  suspect.