Khartoum, January 11(Darfur240 Adel Abdel -Ghani, the lawyer of Abdel -Raouf Abu Zaid, who is sentenced to death in the killing of American diplomat Granville in Sudan , said that his client is ready to meet the conditions of Granville’s mother.

Two days ago,  Abdul Raouf family appealed to the American authorities to liaise  with Granville’s mother,  for amnesty , revealing  that the killer is in a  miserable health status .

Abdel -Ghani told Darfur 24 that his client is ready to apologize as a result of a conviction that he reached after extensive reviews inside the prison and not for fear of execution.

 According to Abdel -Ghani, the mother of Granville stipulated in the past that the killers of her son apologize to the American people and to go with the same apology to the Sudanese people because of the killing of Granville driver, and to acknowledge that what they did was the result of a wrong understanding.

And to abide by not to kill anyone again, and to recite before the judge the Qur’anic verse( whoever slays a human being for other than murder or mischirf in the earth, it is as if he had murdered the whole of mankind)

 The court sentenced Abdel -Raouf Abu Zaid, Muhammad Makkawi, Abdul Basit Al -Hajj and Muhannad Othman, after they were convicted of the death of Granville on New Year’s Eve 2008.