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International report reveals exciting details about the financing and training of Darfur movements

  Feb 9(Darfur24) A report sent to the UN Security Council by a team of experts said that the Darfur movements still get most of their funding and supplies from their connections in Libya, and revealed that the movements used foreign trainers without consulting the government.   Darfur movements, including...


Fact-Finding Committee on  Koolgi incidents to deliver its report on Tuesday

  August 23, 2021  (Khartoum)  Member of the Transitional Sovereignty Council, Mohamed Hassan Al-Taishi, said that the Technical Committee for Fact-Finding on the incidents of  Koolgi area in North Darfur will deliver a summary of its final report tomorrow, Tuesday, to the Governor of North Darfur and the Security Committee....


Hajar Visits South Darfur, Addresses Large Crowd

Darfur 24- Nyala Member of the Sovereignty Council, Al-Taher Hajar, said that the delay in implementing the security arrangements clause of the Sudan Peace Agreement in Juba was due to estimated circumstances, confirming that security arrangements must be implemented. Addressing a rally in the city of Nyala, capital of South...


Former Central Darfur State  Governor Arrested and transferred to Khartoum

  Exclusive Darfur 24 Darfur 24 has learned that security authorities in Central Darfur state  on Friday arrested the former governor of Central Darfur, Shartay Jaafar Abdel Hakam, and transferred  him to Khartoum.   Special sources informed  Darfur 24 that  security authorities raided a funeral  gathering  in one of the...


ICC Prosecutor begins her tour in Darfur region

  Darfur 24-Nyala The Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, Fatou Bensouda,has  begun her tour of the Darfur region. She arrived  Sunday ,  in the city of El Fasher, the capital of North Darfur, as part of her current visit to Sudan. However,  Bensouda had a meeting this morning  with...


Rioters set Government institutions  on fire in West Darfur

  Darfur 24-El-Geneina The city of Furbranga in West Darfur witnessed on Saturday  insecurity  that led to chaos, riots and  burning of a number of government institutions. However, riots erupted against the backdrop of the death of a citizen in mysterious circumstances on Friday night. The city of Furbaranga, located...


HRW urges Sudan to Transfer al-Bashir, Other Suspects to ICC

  The International Criminal Court's first major hearings in the case of Ali Kosheib on May 24, 2021, are an important step toward justice for grave crimes committed in Darfur, Sudan, Human Rights Watch said today. Human Rights Watch said   that the absence of four other top suspects, including former president...


RSF officer sentenced to death for killing a man in Omdurman 

  Darfur 24- Khartoum A Rapid Support Forces officer has been sentenced to death by hanging for killing a man in the twin city of Omdurman.  The verdict  was issued  by Supreme Court Judge Maulana Salah Mahjoub, who read the facts of the accusation, defense and witnesses in the case in the...


ICC Prosecutor Opens Hearing Evidence Against Kushayb

Darfur 24-THE HAGUE The International Criminal Court Prosecutor opened a hearing Monday of evidence against an alleged leader of a notorious militia blamed for atrocities in Darfur,  perpetrator of crimes in the conflict-torn region of Sudan in 2003-2004. Ali Mohammed Ali Abdul Rahman Ali, known as Ali Kushayb, is charged with...

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