Death toll of Jabal Amir attack rise to 5 as dozens as families flee to neighboring villages

مخلفات الهجوم على مستري

The death toll from the attack carried out by gunmen yesterday
(Sunday) on the village of Al-Jarf (2) km southeast of the Jabal Amer
area in North Darfur has risen to 5, and dozens of citizens have been
injured, while military reinforcements consisting of (35) four-wheel
drive vehicles have arrived from  Kabkabiya to control the situation.

The governor of North Darfur, Major General Malik al-Tayeb Khojali,
said in press statements that the incident which took place in the
area yesterday represented an extension of the old differences between
the Mehriya and Bani Hussein tribes.

In a telephonic conversation with Darfur 24 from the village of
Al-Juruf eyewitness called Al-Hadi Hamid said that the death toll had
risen to 5.
Hamid appealed to the UNAMID mission and humanitarian organizations to
intervene urgently to save their lives and provide the necessary
assistance, especially as they are at risk of death, thirst and
A number of areas in Darfur are witnessing  these days, repeated
attacks against unarmed citizens carried out by armed militias riding
motorcycles and Four wheel drive vehicles.

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