Khartoum, October 1(Darfur24) Leader of the Sudan Liberation Army Movement , Governor of the Darfur region, Minni Arko Minawi strongly criticized head of the UN mission in Sudan; Volker Peretz following his remarks that political leaders should not to have private armies.

Speaking to  Darfur24, Minawi said  that Volcker should know that these armies came as a result of a structural defect resulting from the political, social and economic crisis that brought the UNAMID mission, and then  UNITAMS.

The head of the  UNITAMS mission, Volker Peretz, had warned of the continued collapse of the situation, stressing the need to  form a unified professional army.

“Military leaders should not play political roles, and politicians should not have private armies,” Volcker said in an article published in the local press.

Commenting  on Volcker’s remarks, Minawi pointed out that the same crisis led to the division of Sudan into two states and ended in genocide in Darfur.