Scores killed and wounded, 7 villages burned as clashes between herdsmen and farmers intensify  in South Darfur


Nyala, December 24(Darfur24)A community leader responsible for receiving the bodies and wounded people  from the incident  of Beliel  villages  at the Nyala Teaching Hospital in South Darfur, Muhammad Yusuf Abu Bakr, said that the death toll from tribal confrontations rose to 12, after the arrival of 6 other dead bodies  today, Saturday, while the state security committee said that the death toll reached 7.


However,  Darfur 24 learned that the number of villages that were completely burned reached 9 villages, and their residents were displaced.


Armed confrontations erupted between herdsmen  and local residents in several areas east of Nyala, the capital of South Darfur, against the background of the killing of one person and the wounding of another at the hands of a herders  last Wednesday.


The State Security Committee said last night in a statement that it had sent joint government forces to separate the conflicting parties, while gunfire was heard at dawn today, but sources confirmed to Darfur 24 that the gunshots  were  fired by government forces for the purpose of securing the area and  imposing   State’s prestige .