The forgotten tragedy of El-geneina, West Darfur

آثار المعارك بين الجيش والدعم السريع بزالنجيآثار المعارك بين الجيش والدعم السريع بزالنجي


El-geneina, June 10 (Darfur24) The humanitarian and security tragedy in El-Geneina, West Darfur has exacerbated as death toll from the month old ongoing deadly clashes jumps to over 860 people, including women and children, nearly one hundred thousand have either fled to neighboring Chad or internally displaced..

Skynews Arabia website quoted activists and eyewitnesses as saying that “the security situation in the city of El-geneina and nearby villages is getting worse as fighting, rape and armed robbery is on a rise, with more than 20 inhibited areas in the city of El-geneina and surrounding areas were set on fire…

Eyewitness also referred to scarcity of food amid major difficulties facing humanitarian organisations to deliver food and medicine to the hungry and sick people, while all patients at dialysis center in El-geneina died due to lack of medicine..

The incident comes amid tribal and security tension in the volatile region, while the central authority is busy with the war between the Sudanese army and the Rapid Support Forces.

Since October 2021 violence have occurred ten times, leaving over 1000 people dead, including women and children as well as burning villages to ashes ..

Despite, the signing of Juba peace agreement in October 2020 , insecurity and robbery have dramatically increased in a number of areas in the volatile Darfur region, civil war in Darfur erupted in 2003, leaving 300.000 dead and over 2 million displaced..

The spread of nearly 2 million pieces of weapons in the region and fragmentation of Darfur armed movements is a sign of destabilization of security situation, reports indicating presence of more than 87 armed movement in Sudan, 84of which are based in Darfur alone..

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