Darfur 24-El-Fasher Community leaders from Shangel Tobaye area 74 kms south of Elfasher, have accused the government forces who were tasked with the protection of UNAMID  premises of taking the lead in looting and vandalizing the compound. However. yesterday morning, the forces started shooting in the air to stopContinue Reading

  ]Darfur 24-Khartoum The Commissioner for Refugees in North Darfur State, Mohamad Al-Fateh, said  more than 100 Ethiopian soldiers serving with  the United Nations and the African Union mission in Darfur  UNAMID  refused to return to their country of origin, (Ethiopia)  after ending their tenure  in Darfur. Mohamad Al-Fateh statedContinue Reading

  Darfur 24-Nyala The general coordination of Darfur internally displaced people IDPs and refugees , on Saturday  , accused  the governor of South Darfur State , Musa Mahdi of directing his security  agencies  to arm militia so as to destabilize and  dismantle Kalma IDP camp. The General Coordinator of  IDPs  and Refugees in Darfur, YaqoubContinue Reading

  Nyala-Darfur24 The government of South Darfur state,  Thursday,  took over premises  of the African Union and United Nations Mission in Darfur (UNAMID) in Kalma camp for the displaced people  17 km east of the state capital Nyala. The handover , takeover  ceremony was attended by  representatives of the stateContinue Reading

  Nyala-Darfur24 On Friday,  the former premises of the African Union and United Nations mission in Darfur UNAMID in   Menawashei, was subjected to looting and vandalism  by the citizens of the area. The mission handed over its premises in Manawashe to the Sudanese government on February 24. State government saidContinue Reading

  Nyala-Darfur24 The Security Committee of South Darfur State said that the security services were able to recover 90% of the holdings and assets that were looted from the headquarters of the African Union and United Nations Mission in Darfur UNAMID in the Manwashi area, 74 km north of theContinue Reading

Darfur24- Menwashi On Thursday, the African Union and United Nations Mission in Darfur, UNAMID handed over its  site in Menwashi area, 70 km north of Nyala, South Darfur to the government of Sudan, ending 13 years of operation there in Darfur.  The unique and  largest UN mission in the world was establishedContinue Reading

Darfur 24-El-Geneina On Tuesday, the Premises of the joint mission of the United Nations and the African Union in Darfur UNAMID in the city of Saraf Amra ,  North Darfur state was subjected to  looting and vandalism by unknown persons.  The UNAMID mission had handed over its premise  in Saraf Omra to theContinue Reading